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Viaje en solitario

Reconnect in Bali

If you prefer, discover the soul of Bali with an exceptional travel companion... yourself. In the past, people from other islands and neighboring countries came to Bali to heal, since in Ubud there were innumerable medicinal plants. Due to the powerful energy of the place, Buddhist priests and monks also traveled here with the intention of building spiritual settlements that  would serve as places to grow spiritually and achieve Moksha (spiritual liberation) through their learning and meditations. Much later, so would artists seeking inspiration for their creations and travelers from all over the world. That energy continues to live in Bali and transforms, heals and accelerates growth processes in many people. Hollywood brought Bali to the big screen with the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" and tried to convey a bit of all this in the character played by Julia Roberts but you will be surprised to see how in real life people from all over the world come to Bali guided due to intuition, signs, a presentiment or simply because they are at a turning point in their lives and seek to reconnect with themselves in a magical place such as the island of the Gods. If these words resonate with you...without a doubt this is your trip. 

Start dreaming...

Discover the complete itinerary here:

Click on an image to see the full description:



  • Transfers from / to the airport.

  • Tour guide in Spanish (except on days off)

  • 10 nights of accommodation in AD regime

         (bed and breakfast) 

  • All excursions and activities mentioned in the program.

  • 24h assistance.

  • Private ceremony with local priest



  • International flights.

  • Transportation used during free time.

  • Tickets or donations in temples or some natural places in order to preserve the environment. Payment will be direct at the box office.

  • Mandatory travel assistance medical insurance.


For all our tours we select charming establishments, boutique hotels and emblematic accommodations. We quote the trip with your dates and the chosen hotel category: 

  • Homestays / Private houses / Charming hostels.

  • 3* hotels

  • 4* hotels

  • 5* hotels or private villas with pool



Any date on request.


Total 10 nights:

  • 5 in Ubud

  • 2 in Sidemen or Amed (To choose)

  • 3 in Canggu


If you like the itinerary but the duration of your vacation is shorter or longer than the program we present, we will adapt it for you.


At B de BALI we are always attentive to all the religious festivities, important events and cultural events that take place on the island to be able to inform you about them with the intention of adapting the itinerary to be able to attend them and contemplate the real Bali if your dates of trip allow it and so you wish. Matching your dates with a festividad  or even a full moon (very revered and the best day to perform the purification ritual) is always a plus for culturally restless travelers but if not, it is very likely to coincide with other ceremonies  or less popular but equally interesting events.

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