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The magic of sharing

Either alone or accompanied by someone close to you, have you ever experienced a group trip with strangers? If the answer is no, it is something that we recommend trying at least once in your life because it can be something wonderful. Among its main advantages, two stand out: meeting new people and sharing experiences that you can later relive together because in the vast majority of cases, friendships are created  that last over time beyond the trip._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



     1 - April 8, 2023

Honor your self on a transformative journey and reconnect with your essence as you explore the most ancient and sacred Bali. Delight your senses with a unique culture in the world and feel the magic again with unforgettable experiences in dream settings. They say that whoever comes to Bali is because they have something to learn or heal.

Did we find out? 

Discover the complete itinerary here:

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     18 - April 28, 2023

Discover with Luz Gómez, a spirituality and personal development mentor, a magical journey of spiritual awakening. Did you know that Bali is one of the chakras of planet Earth and that is why people feel that powerful energy? In Bali, healing and learning processes are accelerated and on this trip we also want to show you the most authentic places on the island. And as in all our trips, accompanied by ancestral rituals and private ceremonies in our "secret" places outside the conventional tourist routes.

Discover the complete itinerary here:

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       ¿Te gustaría viajar a Bali junto con otras mujeres en su despertar espiritual ?

I am Luz Adriana Gómez, spirituality and personal development mentor.
I have had the dream of knowing Bali and traveling in the company of women in love with their lives, grateful, living in abundance, committed to their dreams, their spirituality and their awakening of consciousness. 
Our journey will be a Female Rebirth and I will guide you through workshops, rituals, meditation, prayer, experiences and ceremonies that will make this a spiritual encounter that fuels the fire within us.

If your dream is also to travel to Bali for a spiritual experience; Here is your place! 

Join us and dedicate a couple of weeks to connect with you through pleasure, silence and your sacred feminine. 



At B de BALI we are always attentive to all the religious festivities, important events and cultural events that take place on the island to be able to inform you about them with the intention of adapting the itinerary to be able to attend them and contemplate the real Bali if your dates of trip allow it and so you wish. Matching your dates with a festividad  or even a full moon (very revered and the best day to perform the purification ritual) is always a plus for culturally restless travelers but if not, it is very likely to coincide with other ceremonies  or less popular but equally interesting events.

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