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Chica columpio Bali

Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away


And create your perfect trip

Get inspired and add personality to your trip with the experiences we have chosen for you. Our itineraries already include some activities adapted to the theme of each trip as well as other optional experiences not included, but feel free to add, make changes to an already established itinerary or build your own with a 100% tailor-made trip._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Get inspired and start dreaming...


museos Bali


As the cultural center of Bali, Ubud is home to the best museums on the island. Choose among its 4 best museums to add to your trip or enjoy a half-day tour visiting two of these museums and ending in a Gallery with hundreds of works of art at good prices.

  • Agung Rai Museum (ARMA)

  • Puri Lukisan Museum

  • White Renaissance Museum

  • Neka Art Museum

danza balinesa


Traditional dances are very old and essential as part of religious and artistic expression among the Balinese. Balinese dance is dynamic, angular and intensely expressive. The dancers express various stories through body gestures, including gestures with fingers, hands, head, and eyes. See one of their dances at the Royal Palace, Lotus Pond or Pura Dalem  ( Ubud ).

arte bali


Explore the artisan villages in and around Ubud on a half-day tour. Each village is traditionally associated with an artisan activity: wood carving, silver and gold jewelry, stone carving and choose whether to end the tour at the famous Sukawati art market or a gallery with hundreds of works of art of all styles. Where can you buy the one you like the most?


meditaciones en Bali


On a half-day tour we will discover temples and secret sacred places where you can meditate and connect with the energy of the place.  They have been places of meditation for centuries and the best secret of the local population.

religión Bali


Add to your trip a private ceremony with a pemangku (priest) in a very special and secret temple. Learn to pray with flower offerings like a true Balinese while being purified with holy water.

Activity duration: 2-3h

ceremonia privada Bali


A balian is a kind of healer or shaman and visits to these people by the local population are not just an alternative to modern medicine, but in many cases visiting the balian is the first and only option chosen. . They attribute psychic, physical and spiritual healing to them, as well as curing evil eyes... etc. Open your mind and experience it for yourself...

ritual purificación Bali


In all our trips we always include at least a visit to a temple to experience the "Melukat", a purification ritual   that promises to cleanse our mind and spirit as well as our karma of all negative energy. If the experience appeals to you, we offer you in a half-day tour the possibility of doing it in a place surrounded by nature and away from tourists.




Experience a therapeutic class of sound healing or healing through sound in a mythical place in Ubud. Relax and let yourself be transported while its vibration frequency balances your entire internal system. This sound therapy can be practiced in almost all countries, but doing it in Ubud is undoubtedly an added bonus due to its environment and energy.



Get to know yourself a little more thoroughly and listen to what the future holds while you are advised by a priestess with great intuition and with the help of the tools acquired by her training in numerology and the reading and interpretation of some very special tarot cards.


viaje novios


Relax in good company? Bali is home to countless spas with a thousand and one treatments to choose from that will delight every traveler. There are some places with special treatments to enjoy as a couple that are especially a gift after a long trip or day of touring. Our favorites are in Ubud.

cenas románticas Bali


How about a dinner surrounded by 100 candles? o  inside a cave on the beach? and dine with spectacular views of the jungle?

Numerous luxury hotels and resorts offer the possibility of reserving a romantic dinner in the best enclave of their facilities and with all kinds of romantic details. Put the finishing touch on your romantic trip, surprise your partner or take advantage of this occasion to make a special proposal...

boda Bali


They say that memories are photographs taken from the heart and Bali is a place that invites you to create memorable memories. We propose you to capture some of those moments in the best captures by professionals who will choose the most romantic places to take beautiful pictures and return home with a romantic photographic report of your trip to the island of the Gods...


rafting Bali


Do you fancy a good dose of adrenaline? Rafting is one of the most entertaining activities to do in Bali and one of the best ways to experience the exuberant nature that Bali has to offer. The island has three rivers suitable for rafting, of which our favorites are the Ayung River in Ubud (level 1-2)  and  the Telaga Waja River in Sidemen ( level 2-3 ).

Choose yours on a half day tour.

trekking Bali


Would you like to see sunrise from the tops of the main volcanoes and mountains of the island of the Gods?

Contemplating the views from the top of the active Batur volcano while the first rays of the sun begin to peek  is a unique experience and probably the most famous. We offer you the possibility of ascent trekking of different levels of difficulty and characteristics, as well as other trekking through the jungle or rice fields that require minimal physical preparation and are suitable for everyone. Ask us and find yours!

cascadas Bali


We know that there are those who love waterfalls who cannot avoid going on vacation without adding a visit to one of them to their itinerary. If you are one of them, you are in luck because Bali is home to numerous waterfalls for all tastes and each one more beautiful. All our trips include at least one visit, but if you think you will want more...Choose between a half day tour (4-5h) or a full day tour (8-10h) and we will discover some of our favourites...


masajes spa Bali


In Bali there are countless Spas with a thousand and one different treatments and for all budgets. We have our favorites and most are in Ubud. Pamper yourself with a Balinese massage to release tension after the long journey, to relax after a day of touring or to put the finishing touch on the trip.

Choose your spa, your treatment and honor your being as it deserves.

yoga Bali


Ubud is known worldwide for promoting a healthy lifestyle, culture and spirituality since ancient times. In addition, Ubud currently houses some of the best Yoga schools on the planet along with those of Rishikesh in India without forgetting the incredible festival of Yoga, dance and music "Bali Spirit Festival" held annually.  Some Our itinerary already includes a Yoga class in its most famous center to enjoy a class, but if you prefer, you can also choose to stay at one of our hotels or resorts that offer Yoga classes.Note: Classes in English.

compras Bali


Spending some time shopping is a basic in any trip in which we also discover their crafts, fashion and their own styles. 

Visit its most famous craft market on a half-day tour  or if you prefer something more modern, one of its shopping centers and main shopping streets with boutiques of both local designers and international brands. If you are looking to purchase something in particular, contact us.


beach clubs Bali


If the north of Bali is characterized by its tradition, spirituality and culture, the south of Bali is famous for its beaches,  its festive atmosphere and its many leisure and entertainment options. In Canggu, Seminyak and Uluwatu you will find the best beach, day and night clubs on the entire island. Some of them with an unprecedented architectural design from both national and international firms. We will discover some of these places on a tour so that you only have to worry about choosing which cocktail you want to drink.

green village.jpg


Perched on the sacred Ayung River and surrounded by lush Balinese forest, Green Village is a quiet and peaceful complex housing spectacular bamboo houses and villas. For years, the resort has attracted like-minded individuals seeking a more sustainable and authentic way of living, a comfortable alternative to the stresses of modern society. Today, along with the world famous Green School, Green Village has been recognized as one of Bali's most remarkable communities for sustainable housing and living. Discover the school and the complex on a half-day tour.

Note: In English.

Clase de batik Bali


Batik is one of several "reserve dyeing techniques".  It is a technique widespread in Asia but popular in Indonesia. It is used to color fabrics and consists of applying layers of wax on the regions that are not desired to be dyed (reserved areas), fixing the anilines in those non-reserved areas. This process can be repeated as many times as desired, which allows colors to be superimposed, thus achieving a very rich variety of shades. 

Take a class and make your own batik design in Ubud. 

Note: Class in English.


Viaje chicas Bali


Would you like to post photos on your social networks in the most IT places like the most famous influencers do? We take you on a full-day tour of some of the most famous spots that you've probably already seen on Instagram.  You can also hire a professional photographer to make sure you get the best photos.

columpios Bali


One of the activities that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years has undoubtedly been Balinese swings in beautiful natural settings. In all our routes we include a visit to the rice terraces of

Tegallalang where you will have the option to swing but if what you are looking for is  swing until you almost touch the sky with your hands on several swings of different heights and with an even more incredible landscape, add this midday activity and take flight...

comida Bali


What is "sambal matah"?

Sambal matah is essentially one thing Indonesians cannot live without. It is basically a condiment in the form of a spicy sauce or paste and made from a mixture of chili with other seasonings and spices. Do you want to learn how to prepare it?

Get introduced to tasty Balinese cuisine with a half-day cooking course in Ubud. Shop at the market, learn in an organic garden and cook your first Balinese dishes (vegetarian dishes).


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