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pact of love

Whether you are enjoying your honeymoon in Bali after your formal wedding in your country of origin or if you have not yet married or  you are looking for a more exotic ceremony in privacy to seal your love, this wedding ceremony in a royal Balinese palace is a unique and unforgettable experience...

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 Our guide will pick you up at your hotel at 3:00 p.m. to set course for a Balinese royal palace. Once there, you will be dressed in the traditional Balinese wedding dress and a priestess will initiate the ceremony and the wedding rituals known as "Mekala-Kalaan", accompanied by a group of gamelan musicians (a traditional Balinese instrument whose music accompanies all important ceremonies). ) and in turn you can enjoy a Balinese dance. At the end of the ceremony you will be given a gift and a wedding certificate (it has no legal value).


Our guide will pick you up at the hotel at the agreed time and they will dress you in the traditional Balinese wedding dress. Once arranged, you will be transferred to the town where the royal palace is located, where the ceremony will take place. 

Upon arrival at the village, two girls will welcome you as they accompany you to your respective thrones. once taken a seat you will be transported (4 people per throne) to the gates of the royal palace. The entourage will be made up of the two girls and a traditional Balinese music band called gamelan.

Once you arrive at the palace, the priestess will be waiting for you with flower offerings to purify you while you attend a traditional Balinese dance.

After these festive and initiation acts, you will finally enter the royal palace to begin the ceremony and wedding rites known as "Mekala-Kalaan" and later you will pray in the temple of the royal family (in the same palace) where the ceremonial process will continue. .

Once the wedding ceremony is over, you will be offered a typical Balinese dinner while you watch the traditional dance of love and good fortune. 

Before returning to your hotel, you will be given the photos that the photographer will have taken to immortalize this special day to be able to remember and be shown to your friends and family once at home.

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