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Bali with Yoga

Would you like to live a spiritual journey discovering the most magical and authentic Bali while practicing yoga?  Our spiritual journeys with yoga are taught by qualified teachers, with extensive experience and a true gift for teaching who also After teaching the classes, en  will accompany you on your journey from beginning to end, ensuring your well-being at all times and offering you their support both in the practice of yoga and personally. Do you want to meet them?


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   with SantosYoga

In this magical 12-day trip, Ester offers you a transformative journey through Bali through yoga and spiritual rituals in secret places, off the beaten track. You will practice yoga daily and you will stay in three areas of the island that are characterized by having something in common: authenticity and beauty.

In addition, the trip coincides with the biggest festival in Bali called "Galungan and Kuningan" about which you can get more information on the web

The Island of the Gods > Religious festivities <

Discover the complete itinerary here:

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I have always had an artistic soul, as a child I loved drawing and dancing. I studied Fine Arts in Valencia and when I finished I started working as a graphic designer in Belgium.

 After several contactsintermittent with yoga, I moved to New Zealand and then to Bali where I spent two years in a magical place that changed my life on all levels. It was there that I deeply connected with yoga, with myself and with nature. In 2016 I returned to Spain and resumed my office work routine. However, Bali had made a deep impression on me and after another fascinating trip, this time to India, I decided to train as a yoga teacher.

My classes are fluid and introspective. They are focused on feeling your body and on a deep connection between breath and movement that bring you to the present moment. What is yoga for me? Yoga is a state: The mind is calm and aligned with the heart and a healthy body. For me, living in yoga is a wonderful commitment to myself. 



At B de BALI we are always attentive to all the religious festivities, important events and cultural events that take place on the island to be able to inform you about them with the intention of adapting the itinerary to be able to attend them and contemplate the real Bali if your dates of trip allow it and so you wish. Matching your dates with a festividad  or even a full moon (very revered and the best day to perform the purification ritual) is always a plus for culturally restless travelers but if not, it is very likely to coincide with other ceremonies  or less popular but equally interesting events.

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